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Power transformers are among the most strategically important and capital intensive asset. Aging transformers present a growing problem for industry.  Our solution provides accurate online monitoring of water content in transformer oil, temperature, partial discharge, hydrogen, electromagnetic field and vibration sensors integrated into a single unit.

Off-line monitoring solutions are sporadic, time-consuming and ineffective to address these challenges. The lack of timely and effective condition analysis on these aging assets drives heavy investment to avoid catastrophic failure. Our products deliver an effective and timely solution to address these challenges.

We use low-cost condition monitoring solution with advanced predictive analysis to optimize transformer loading, maintenance and replacement with strategic long-term fleet management.

This technology was founded and built based on 10+ years of research in collaboration with Universities and a number of the largest Australian power distribution companies using decades of transformer data.

This product supplies an easy-to-install equipment pack for an easy 30-minute installation by your workplace-trained technicians or contractors. Contact us about a trial for your transformers today.

This solution provides an online-based condition monitoring for transformers of all sizes for a low monthly fee with no fixed contract. With low cost automated monitoring, real time alerts and graphical trends, the elongation of transformer asset life with reduced risk delivers a compelling return on investment.